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Industrial and Commercial Cleaning

We have provided cleaning services in the North West for 37 years. Working for a variety of clients ranging from one hour per week to cleaning over1 million square feet of office space. Our pride is our staff and our ability to gain their commitment using training to enhance their abilities and to ultimately provide the client with a long term solution to the management of their cleaning requirements.
We often find clients who end up self managing and disciplining the cleaning provision on site despite outsourcing. The cleaning staff can often be untrained, unmotivated and felt unwanted, staff turnover can be over 70%. The customer ends up with a very low opinion of cleaning providers. We have taken the time to study the industry trends and have established a service which tailors itself to the client and staff needs.

We created a blueprint to provide sustainable value and quality:

  • Create a training opportunities for all
  • Provide enhancements and career training
  • Retain our staff
  • Create audit systems and use the data to record the results and measure the service
  • Provide a flexible approach to cost to ensure we meet the clients budget.

We are proud as a local small family run business of our partnerships with our clients who invested in us to create a problem solving and groundbreaking service which showed it is possible to buck the industry trends and deliver a professionally run service which encompasses the needs and aspirations of our staff and matches the requirements and ethics of our clients business.